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ISee! (often abbreviated as IC) is a software which was developed for the purpose of image analysis of industrial radiographs using Microsoft Windows operation system. It runs on all Windows versions starting with Windows 2000 and above (also on Windows 11!). ISee! is not just another image viewer (well, it is an advanced image viewer), but the main purpose is analysis, i.e. measurement and documentation of high resolution images with high bit-depth usually arising in scientific and industrial digital imaging and digital industrial radiology in particular.

A very usefull feature of this program is no need for installation - just copy the executable wherever you want, get the free version of it on your USB-stick or just burn it on DVD together with your data and this state of the art tool will be always with you and your data.

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This program is not in the public domain, but a free version is available free of charge to support the worldwide introduction of Digital Industrial Radiology. This free version lacks all saving facilities - you can load images and can do everything inside the program, but the saving of measurement results or filtered/transformed images is missing. This free version is best suited as a free redistributable viewer file supplied together with your data.

License owners can update to the latest version here (only executable). The up-to-date free version can be downloaded here (only executable). The current version number is 1.11.1.

You can download the full package containing both free and licensed versions here. The free version will start immediately, but the fully functional version of ISee! will ask for a machine dependent license key. Please contact Dr. Uwe Zscherpel to obtain a license key for the full version. If this key is once stored in the user registry, the full version will also start immediately on this computer. A guideline how to install this license key you will find here.

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Previous releases:

Deeper history of past significant changes can be found in change log.

Related software Pfeil nach oben

V2 is a software for real-time frame averaging and spatial and time-domain pixel correction. It is very usefully for acquisition of images from fluoroscopes or other devices like image intenifiers which produce frame- or video-streams of low SNR. Frame averaging allows to increase the SNR significantly and to see things you have never seen before :)

ISee! Professional is the professional product of the company Vision-in-X founded by Oleksandr Alekseychuk in 2013. This company developes configurable software solutions for all types of Digital Industrial Radiology and sells complete DIR systems.

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